Keeper of the Grove


oil on birch panel

12" x 12"

Keeper of the Grove, a winter portrait of activist Don Barber in the Cawthra Bush.

Recognized as one of the fastest growing major cities in Canada, Mississauga has faced the challenge of protecting natural greenspaces and heritage properties during this stage of massive development.

At the end of my street, nestled beside access ramps to the QEW—terrain otherwise dominated by concrete and asphalt—Cawthra Bush presents an unexpected oasis of towering trees, lush undergrowth and wetlands that support an array of wildlife.

Swimming against the stream of development supportive policies, Don Barber is a community watchdog who speaks for this irreplaceable natural treasure of Mississauga. In our comfortable society, Don Barber’s efforts may appear extreme, but I have no doubt that his struggle will be deeply appreciated by future generations of Mississauga residents. If the Cawthra Bush is preserved.