“…to deny the ability of a tree to inform and even instruct one’s awareness, is to have turned one’s senses away… it is to ponder the tree from outside of its world, or, rather, from outside of the world in which both oneself and the tree are active participants.”

David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

Protesting the destruction of old growth forests deepened my apprecation of the life intrinsic to all trees. I joined and initiated grassroots efforts to protect endangered trees in the GTA with little expectation of preventing their demise, only the hope of heightening public awareness.

I stood between trees and men with screaming chainsaws. Trees that groaned as they let go their roots. Boles and outstretched boughs thundered to the earth where the ground shuddered and quaked from their impact. The sweet salty smell of spilled sap shocked my senses with its poignant similarity to our own blood and tears. Engulfed in a silent void, where no birds or animals dared remain, the sensation of loss overcame me. My initial empathy developed into a physical and spiritual kinship with these stoic monoliths.